Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that emphasized on assessing, preventing and restoring physical function using a conservative treatment approach. Therapeutic exercises are unique to every individual case and thus a thorough evaluation will be provided before prescribing a personalized treatment plan of physical therapy.

At Junction Health, our physiotherapists take an active, evidence-based approach to the management of injuries and health conditions. Specialized knowledge and skills in exercise prescription and hands-on techniques are utilized to promote, restore and prolong functional independence and physical performance. Extensive post graduate training in sport and orthopedics and post-surgical rehabilitation (ie. Hip and knee replacements, shoulder surgery, ACL reconstruction, meniscal repair) and experience in neurological rehabilitation enables physiotherapists to successfully treat these patient conditions.

Whether your goal is to decrease pain from a common sprain/strain injury or rehabilitate cardiorespiratory function, at Junction Health our highly trained physiotherapists are here to help.

Physiotherapists uses a variety of modalities and techniques to treat an array of different conditions. Some of the more common conditions treated include the following:

• Inflammation, swelling, and discomfort
• Stiffness and decreased mobility
• Sprains and strains
• Post fractures
• Severe contusions
• Tendonitis, bursitis, capsulitis
• Tennis/golfers elbow
• Sports injuries
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Knee pain
• Shin Splints
• Muscle weakness
• Cardiorespiratory problems