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09 Sep Homeopathic Arnica Montana

By Vera Fuke RMT, DSHomMed, FSHM

As a Registered Massage Therapist who also studied Homeopathic Medicine for four years, I would like to share a simple but very effective way of dealing with musculoskeletal strains, sprains and soft tissue trauma in general, homeopathic ARNICA MONTANA.

This remedy is considered a default remedy for any kind of blunt trauma to soft tissue where there is a leakage of blood into surrounding tissue causing swelling, bruising and pain. Arnica Montana is a must have for your gym bag and medicine cabinet and is a “go to” remedy for things like Joint Sprains, Muscle Strains, Fractures, Concussions and Contusions. It is also an effective way to deal with post workout aches and pains and after deep body work.

I routinely advise patients to take a dose of Arnica post Massage after I have done a lot of Trigger Point Therapy or other deep tissue work. I have effectively used Arnica for my nephews intense head pain after he hit his head during a fall down some stairs (and after going to the hospital). It has also eliminated a swelling from accumulated blood in my dogs ear flap after an intense play session. I routinely use it pre and post any kind of dental procedure and have prescribed it to my elderly father after he suffered a fall. It is simple, effective and easy to use.

In cases of more severe trauma, always seek out medical attention, but you can give Arnica on the way to the hospital or clinic. I personally prefer using Arnica Montana 200c in pellet form. I generally take two pellets in a clean mouth and repeat the remedy more regularly with an acute injury and taper off as the injury heals and symptoms shift.

Vera Fuke-Wilson is a Registered Massage Therapist at Junction Health on Mondays and Thursdays.

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